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Our charity policy

(Please DON'T call! Please ONLY use the contact form at the top left of this page.)


Experiences4all are often approached by charities for assistance and we are normally happy to help where we can. However, the only way can help is by supplying registered charities with reduced price experience vouchers, normally to be sold in charity auctions, - we simply cannot donate experiences for free, sorry!

    Our proposal
  • Please shop around our websites for experiences you would like to offer in your auction, make a note of the venue and price, or the promotion code number/s.
  • Get it touch with us, telling us a bit about your charity.
  • We will discount your chosen experiences such that we will almost totally erode our profit.
  • If there is a long delay between buying the voucher/s and the date of the auction, we will extend the voucher for the auction winner - again taking NO FEE for this.
  • If your voucher fails to sell, or fails to reach your reserve, we will be happy to refund the cost less any postage fees and less HALF our normal admin fee (normal admin fee is £10 + VAT)
    We hope you will understand that we cannot donate anything for free, but at least this way you are getting a donation from us equal to the discount - and we're happy to point out that every auction we are aware of has raised substantially more than the normal RRP

    Please don't hope to persuade us that we can gain marketing value from
    associating ourselves with your charity. After 4 years of trying we never
    noticed a blind bit of difference, hence the creation of this policy is a regional specialist supplied by these UK-wide experience vouchers websites: logo logo       Shooting-vouchers logo logo

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