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How to Redeem your Hotseat Coupon

As the lucky recipient of an Experiences4all Hotseat coupon, find out how to redeem it in exchange for a fantastic flying, driving, shooting or horse riding experience.

How to Use Your Experiences4all Hotseat Coupon

To get into the air, use your Hotseat Coupons to discount the cost of any experience on our sites

Please follow these steps:

  • Choose a suitable experience from our sites located at Flights4all, Driving4all, Horseriding4all or Shooting4all-vouchers.
  • Once you have selected a location and experience type, select Buy Now for your chosen experience
  • During the purchase process you will have the opportunity to enter the code numbers of up to five Hotseat Coupons to discount the cost of your event. Enter your Hotseat Coupon codes on the Claim Discounts page

Arranging your experience

Once you have purchased your discounted voucher, the operator who will be providing your experience is named on the voucher, together with their contact details. You should arrange a date as soon as convenient, as operators can be busy.

After the experience

After your experience, we would be delighted to hear how you got on. Or, if you have some great photos from your experience, we'll be very happy to see them and maybe even add them to our Customer's Gallery.

If you enjoyed a flight experience, why not make a permanent record in your own personal flight log book by visiting e-logbooks and adding your flight record into your own personal flying log?