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Acquire the art of aviation

The instructors who give our flying lesson are gorgeous, steely eyed sky gods and godesses who know no fear..(actually their previous students have run out of new ways to frighten them and they're simply used to it by now.)Whatever!! They all LOVE flying, they're keen to share this love with you, and you'll be given as much time in control as (s)he thinks you can handle.

icon Light aircraft.....climb, descend, LAND it?!?!

icon Helicopters.....up, down, left, right - that's OK, but can you hover it???

icon Backseat flyers.....take somebody up with you in a 4-seater

icon Flexwing cockpit - tandem seating - delta wing

icon 3-axis microlights.....little light aircraft, the future of hobby flying

icon Warbirds.....power, noise and history - Spitfire pilot trainers

icon Tiger moths.....graceful 1930's biplanes - timeless classics

icon Vintage aircraft.....Chipmunk, Stearman, Stampes, fly a classic!

icon Gliders, paragliders, hang gliders.....silent flight., low fuel, low cost.

icon Aerobatics.....take it to the limit, then turn it upside down!!

icon Flight sims, autogyros.....all sorts of quirky flying machines

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Flight experiences in the Southeast, Southwest, East Anglia, Midlands, Wales, Northeast, Northwest, Scotland, UK, Northern Ireland

'Flying lessons' in regions all over the UK!

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